LyfieEye Set - Polished Black

$129 $149 saving $20
LyfieEye Set - Polished Black

LyfieEye Set - Polished Black

$129 $149 saving $20

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LyfieEye™ is the first truly affordable spherical 360° camcorder that plugs directly into your Android smartphone. It will allow you to record, playback and share live-like spherical 360° videos and photos.

Built to capture and share moments the way they actually happened, LyfieEye™ uploads seamlessly to Facebook 360, YouTube 360, and syncs flawlessly with VR headsets without any technical lag. Now you can record life's precious moments as they unfold in vivid spherical 360° detail.

Product set includes:

  • LyfieEye x1
  • Lyfielink x1
  • LyfieU2C converter x1
  • Storage bag x1

Limited Product Warranty


Download User Manuals:

中文 / English한국의


LyfieEye only works on Android phones currently. These are the phone models that we have tested and verified LyfieEye and LyfieView to work on. Your smartphone needs to be OTG enabled to support LyfieEye. If your phone model is not listed below please contact us to verify if it is supported.

Technical Specifications:

Resolution - Picture Format

FHD (1920 x 1080) JPEG with 360 metadata

Resolution - Video Format

FHD (1920 x 1080 @ 30fps) H.264 with audio and 360 metadata


39(w) x 36(h) x 33(d) mm ; total height (including port) 43 mm



Power Consumption

Max. 1W (200mA @5V)

Working Temperature

0o C – 50o C 

Lyfielink A 7 inch extension for you LyfieEye to get above, under, and all around the action. Designed to work with LyfieEye
LyfieU2C converter USB Type C converter designed to work with LyfieEye

Our LyfieSense™ Architecture

We optimised LyfieEye to give you the best possible experience. Here's how we did it.

LyfieEye Set - Polished Black
  • The Lenses

    2 "Super-FishEye" Lenses each providing > 180 Field-Of-View.
  • The Sensors

    Image sensors that capture whatever the lenses are pointing at.
  • The Brain

    Our patented Integrated Circuit chip works overtime to de-warp (flatten) and stitch images or videos that the lenses and sensors receive. It then transmits this in real time to your smartphone.
  • The Connector

    A plug-in connection so you don't have to wait for devices to pair and download your content. Share your Lyfies immediately once you record them from your smartphone.