World's smallest 360 video camera for Android phones!

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Meet Lyfies - The Future of Selfies

LyfieEye is the first truly affordable spherical 360° camcorder that plugs directly into your Android smartphone. It will allow you to record, playback and share live-like spherical 360° videos and photos.
Meet Lyfies - The Future of Selfies

LyfieEye - Share Your World

Built to capture and share moments the way they actually happen, LyfieEye records spherical 360° content that can be uploaded instantly to Facebook 360, YouTube 360. It syncs flawlessly to any VR headset without any technical lag. Plug-in, record, and share the entire moment.
LyfieEye - Share Your World

Our LyfieSense™ Architecture

We optimised LyfieEye to give you the best possible experience. Here's how we did it.

LyfieEye Set - Polished Black
  • The Lenses

    2 "Super-FishEye" Lenses each providing > 180 Field-Of-View.
  • The Sensors

    Image sensors that capture whatever the lenses are pointing at.
  • The Brain

    Our patented Integrated Circuit chip works overtime to de-warp (flatten) and stitch images or videos that the lenses and sensors receive. It then transmits this in real time to your smartphone.
  • The Connector

    A plug-in connection so you don't have to wait for devices to pair and download your content. Share your Lyfies immediately once you record them from your smartphone.

Share Your World

LyfieEye™ allows users to record and share Spherical 360⁰ content using their Android™ smartphones.

LyfieView Features

  • Record Your Lyfies

    Record Your Lyfies

    Record pictures, videos or Stream "Live"

    Record Your Lyfies
  • View Your Lyfies

    View Your Lyfies

    Enjoy the various viewing modes for your Lyfies

    View Your Lyfies
  • Share Your Lyfies

    Share Your Lyfies

    Share your Spherical 360° videos and pictures instantly.

    Share Your Lyfies

LyfieEye's Features

Built for the social, mobile user.
"Live" Preview
Preview each spherical 360° picture and video before you record them, not after.
Tap your smartphone's existing capabilities to eliminate unnecessary costs.
Easy to Use
Share your Lyfies to Facebook™ and YouTube™ as soon as you record them.
Small enough to fit in your pocket so you can use it anywhere, anytime.

Share Your World with LyfieEye

*Shot using LyfieEye

"LyfieEye will change the way you take selfies forever"

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